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Metal construction, equipment and products

Would you like to have a new railing, a balcony fence, a jutting roof, a construction, or anything else made of metal for your home or business premises? We are here to comply with your requests, and to fulfill your wishes.

Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 proves our dedication, quality, and is at the same time the measure of our success.

The company

Blacksmithing Valand was founded in 1987 on the basis of many years’ experience in blacksmithing, gained abroad (Germany, The Netherlands).

Since the company was established we’ve performed a lot of difficult and responsible works in the field of construction metallurgy which is our primary activity. The company employs a team of experts who are capable of doing their job extremely well.

In more than 20 years of working we have gained a variety of references in our field.

The company’s management is dedicated to quality, it shows initiative, understanding and will to achieve the best quality which is essential for customer’s satisfaction.

Environment and its protection are an important factor when choosing new technologies. We strive for less pollution and for ecologically sustainable disposal of waste.

We look for the best solutions in carrying out the processes, and we cope with them according to plan. All this led to gaining a quality certification ISO 9001:2008 which proves our dedication, quality, and is at the same time the measure of our success. Our business is based upon introducing constant improvements which makes it possible for us to get better business results.

Quality services

Our product range covers a variety of metal products and constructions, and also service, such as all types of welding, bending and other ways of metal processing.

Upon request we carry out all works regarding general blacksmithing, and process your own materials. If necessary, we can also supply the materials at reasonable prices, or order all the materials you need, and arrange the transportation. We deliver the products and the semimanufactures to your doorstep.

Steel constructions

Difficult steel constructions, steel and fire staircases, sub-façade steel constructions, jutting roofs, elevator sub-constructions ...

Steel railings

Steel railings, forged railings, Metal sliding doors, balcony fences ...

Manufacturing Programme

Turbines, fuel oil cisterns (custom made), various reducer casings, metal doors (with isolation), various weldments ...

Cutting and bending

Cutting of steel profiles, cutting out, sawing, autogenous cutting, bending of steel pipes ...


Electrical, autogenous and MAG welding (CO2) ...

Other tasks

Works regarding general blacksmithing, drilling, transportation of products ...

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Successful projects

  • Steel construction
  • Facades
  • Steel beams
  • Steel decking
  • Metal fences
  • Inner staircases
  • Outer staircase
  • Wrought iron fences
  • Balcony fences
  • Steel staircases
  • Building structures
  • Other products
  • Workshop

A satisfied client is our motto and our primary goal
we try to achieve in all projects.

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